“Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do"

- Voltaire

Life Message

Joke of the Week

Pastor Puns:
When the pastor started telling jokes during his sermons, the congregation was worried about his salvation. But he assured them he was just trying to bring a little "holy humor" into their lives.

Heavenly GPS:
A lost angel asked Saint Peter for directions to Heaven's gate. Peter replied, "Follow the clouds and take a left at the choir of singing cherubs."

Miraculous Multiplication:
At the church potluck, Sister Mary's casserole dish never seemed to empty, much like the loaves and fishes story. Everyone wondered if she had a secret recipe.

Ark Builders:
A couple decided to build a treehouse for their children, but it turned into a full-sized replica of Noah's Ark. Neighbors joked that they were just preparing for a rainy day.

Holy Water Mishap:
During a baptism, a baby giggled so much that the priest accidentally spilled some holy water. The baby's laughter echoed through the church, spreading joy to all.


Dear People of God,

“Come with me”

I have been a member of Domus Dei Apostolic Society for 22 years; I have been ordained a priest for 13 years, serving in several places: Switzerland, Pensacola, Florida; Mobile, Alabama; I was assigned to archdiocese of Portland in 2009 -2015 as parochial parochial vicar at St. James, parish in McMinnville, OR, and later administrator and pastor at St. Mary Star of the Sea parish in Astoria, OR. I had an opportunity to serve in the northwest ministry. I have learned to serve Spanish, Native American parishes and Filipino community, being able to celebrate the Sacraments and preach in Spanish.

As I finished my term parish ministry, I returned to my mother house in New Orleans for year. Then in 2017 my assignment was in Switzerland. I was helping my superior's ministry in Switzerland but the immigration visa was too difficult to obtain, so I returned to New Orleans the end of 2018. My next assignment was to our farm in Hubbard, Texas, a property we bought over 3 years. Then I was asked to minister in the parish in Hubbard. Father superior introduced me to Dallas diocese last February 2019 while I was in charge of our farm operation near Hubbard, TX. So I had the opportunity to continue my ministry by helping local parishes, Immaculate Conception parish in Corsicana, and St. Joseph in Waxahachie, doing weekend ministry with some weekday obligations. I had great opportunity to be in contact with some priests from my class in the seminary.

Last January, I returned to New Orleans. My superior gave me opportunity to take sabbatical. I have planned to do some mission work reaching out to the poor. I have talked to my brother, Mr. Chau, who is the director of the group mission “come with me.” I would like to take this opportunity to help out the mission program. He introduced me to Ms Dianne, the editor of the program on website “Come with me.” We have been contact with each other about this project.

Now I have taken this opportunity to share with you my background so that we can join together around the world to make this mission “ Come with me” as “ mission impassible!” With the grace of God.

I specially thank you Mr. Chau, Dianne and many benefactors who open opportunity for me to serve God in poor people all over the whole world. May God bless you all and many others in building up God’s kingdom on earth.

Sincerely in the love of Christ,

Rev. John Hung Tran